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Get happier, healthier, stronger and smarter

Thanks to the miracle of Merino

Skin-smilingly soft, lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Super absorbent to keep you dry and comfy.

Regulates optimal body temperature, no matter the weather.

100% Natural and biodegradable.

Fabric handmade better from nature’s best sleep source.

Resistant to stains and odor, and naturally protects from UV rays and fire.

If you mistakenly think of all wool as itchy or scratchy or hot, welcome to the dreamy reality of Australian Merino — the sheep that produce the wool we use.

Their fiber and our fabric is so fine, so uncannily soft and smooth, that, when it surrounds you, it can soothe you to sleep 25% faster than cotton or synthetics.

And it’ll keep you in deeper sleep throughout the night too. Each Merino wool fiber is crimped, which results in a woven or knit product that has a natural pillowy loft and breathability. Plus, our products naturally wick away perspiration from your skin, while encapsulating up to 35% of the fabric’s own weight in moisture. So your body stays dry, your temperature remains even, and you get 25% more deep, restorative, REM-rich sleep, compared to other materials.

As a company, we make products for good sleep.
As a brand of human beings, we want to make your waking life better. Here’s a video about that.

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Marcia HinesMarcia HinesAmerican-Australian Vocalist, Actress and TV personality - Sydney Australia
Sleep is the elixir of life. We need it, we want it and I've found it in my new Shleepskin underlay that gives me the most comfortable and natural sleep that I've have ever had.
Peter AckroydPeter AckroydPresident of the International Wool Textile Organisation - London, UK

The therapeutic benefits of wool are multiple and extend to so very many aspects of daily life in the home, the workplace and at leisure. One area, perhaps less well known, where wool particularly triumphs is in bedding. Shleep brings a hitherto unseen element of elegance and style to the application of science in wool bedding.

Fabrizio ServenteFabrizio ServenteGlobal Strategic Advisor, Fashion, Luxury & Textile - Milan, Italy
I have spent all my life working in the field of luxury wool products and I am fascinated by the Shleep collection that uses very high-quality Merino wool, high breathability and soft fabrics to create such exceptional products for the quality of our night times.The wool is breathable, isothermal, naturally elastic, and when it is superfine Merino wool it is also very soft and pleasant next to skin.There is nothing on the market so well studied for the quality of sleep, with materials of such luxury quality.I must say that SHLEEP has really given a new opportunity for those who want to have happy sleep.
Nicole EckelsNicole EckelsCEO, Glasshouse Candles - Sydney, Australia
I love how ridiculously soft and luxurious the fleece pillows are.I’ve never felt anything like it!
Angela WardAngela WardWool Grower - Melbourne, Australia
At the end of my day it’s my complete luxury to hop into bed, relax and feel all the days antics evaporate. I’m a careful shopper but I made the decision to lash out and invest in a ShleepSkin blanket and underlay after sleeping over at a friend’s house whose bed was kitted out with Shleep products. I’ve had a lot of different bedding products in the past with varying degrees of success with the goal of having a great nights sleep. Every night since my Shleep purchases, I’ve felt my decision to invest in these products has been rewarded with a better & deeper sleep, plus the added bonus of my luxury night time ritual going up a pretty decent notch. Fabulous snuggle in factor! Just go and buy the underlay or blanket or both and you will know what I’m talking about. Thank you to Shleep!
Kieran MooreKieran MooreCEO WPP AUNZ Public Relations - Sydney, Australia
Like many people, I struggle with sleep. Lack of sleep impacts my energy levels, my ability to get things done, my perspective and my overall happiness. So for me, a company which has created products that are proven to improve my sleep is no small thing. The way Shleep uses the finest merino wool in all its beautifully designed products, is the secret sauce to my better night’s sleep. Sure it’s luxurious, but for me it’s all about the sleep.
Rebecca FitzgeraldRebecca FitzgeraldMelbourne, Australia
I have always been a tosser and turner, too cold or too hot this is why I love Shleep, the use of high grade merino wool means that just right temperature is maintained in winter and summer. With more awareness around needing a solid night’s sleep, Shleep delivers on its promises. The products themselves are beautifully made, unique and of the highest quality. The added bonus is they look good too – this is without doubt a stylish product that delivers practically.
Amy PatonAmy PatonFarmer - Snowy Mountains, Australia
I was so impressed when I stumbled across these amazing products being sold under the name of “Shleep”. What impressed me more than anything was the quality. These Shleep products will last a lifetime. They are made so well using the very best Australian fine merino wool. My favourite is the underlay. OMG you will have the best nights Shleep if you get one of them. Worth every cent!!
Felicity LeitchFelicity LeitchSydney, Australia

My new super, super soft Shleepskin Ultra underlay is really the ultimate in comfort and luxury. I now leap out of bed with more energy and finally no back pain!  Plus it’s just so beautiful:)

Suzy RitchieSuzy RitchieSydney, Australia

Finally, the perfect SHLEEP!! Loving my new super soft merino wool Sheepskin Blanket. No more allergies, more energy & loving the stylish look. Top quality product, highly recommended

Rob DerbyshireRob DerbyshireFitness Educator - Sydney, Australia

I have chronic fatigue and as a result I developed a compromised immune system with several allergies. Shleep products have been a very welcome addition to my health as the natural hypo-allergenic fibers keep me in a deep allergy free sleep through the night. I will continue to use Shleep products and of course recommend to my gym clients, athletes and fitness students.

Josh RogersJosh RogersVirginia, USA
The shleep half-moon pillow is the first thing I think of and the last thing I pack when I'm flying, so it’s right there when I need it. Perfectly squishy and supportive, with optional fluffy fleece or smooth ShleepTight feels for my face, it’s helped get me the best (only?) sleep I’ve ever gotten up so high.
Joe & Verity Peschardt Joe & Verity Peschardt Shleep Family - Sydney, Australia
We love the Shleep brand and products and can honestly say the whole family has been sleeping more soundly since we started using them!Their fine Merino fleece and fabrics are so incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch and on top of that are free of any harsh chemicals. Our toddler son would not let go of his fleece pillow and when he is not lying on it, he is carrying it around wherever he goes!  Our twin babies also fall asleep the second they lay down on the fleece blanket especially when wrapped in their Merino Jersey swaddles.
Celine GoldCeline GoldFounder Pronto Pram, Sydney
I have been working with children’s products for many years and know what is available in stroller items, swaddles etc and what mums have been complaining about not being able to find. What I love about SHLEEP is that the colours are neutral and contemporary. A lot of mums want dark blue colours in swaddles and it’s just not available. It’s also great how Shleep are health performance focused using fine Merino wool so babies can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The Shleep Tight fabric is SPF50+ which is amazing for stroller gear and outdoor protection.

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