5 ways to sleep well in summer

Do you struggle to sleep when the mercury starts to soar? Sizzling summer temperatures are nothing to lose sleep over, with our innovative products designed to give you the perfect night’s sleep, no sweat.

5 ways to sleep well in summer | Shleep

Here are 5 reasons wool gives the ultimate summer’s sleep, and it doesn’t involve counting sheep.

1. Beat the heat: an active fibre, our wool reacts to changes in your body’s temperature, which means you stay warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s like your own personal air- conditioning unit.

2. Breathe easy: one of the most breathable fibres, our wool bedding absorbs large quantities of moisture vapour then moves it away to evaporate into the air for a good night’s rest.

3. Natural: our wool is 100% natural, which means you’re not going to bed with nasty plastics against your skin, keeping you cool as a cucumber for the perfect mid-summer night’s dream.

4. Soft on your head: unlike wools of yesterday, our wool has fine, elastic fibres that feel smooth and soft to touch. Our underlays and pillows are like sleeping on a cloud, so have the night of your life and day of your dreams.

5. Surround yourself in wool: studies have shown that sleeping on or under wool can help you achieve a better night’s sleep, soothing you to sleep faster and for longer.

Our Shleep System provides all the bed-time essentials you need, so you can get the best of your waking life.

5 ways to sleep well in summer | Shleep