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Here, you’ll find our inspiration, what goes on behind-the-scenes and who we’re in bed with. You’ll also stay up-to-date on why our wool works, to give you the best mornings ever.

Why Merino masks?

Using the right mix of comfort, stretch and durability, the Shleep Merino Face Mask provides a barrier to your face for your daily commute.

The Makers: Sarah and David Fysh

The best wool bedding starts with the best woolgrowers, which is why Shleep is travelling Australia to meet the makers behind our luxurious products.


The Makers: Pete and Kimble Thomas

The Thomas family of Beaconsfield, QLD are passionate Australian Merino woolgrowers who champion the fibre’s eco-credentials and health benefits.

The Makers: Don Mudford

For more than 100 years, Don Mudford’s family has grown some of Australia’s best Merino wool thanks to their passion for animal and environmental health.


The Makers: Nigel and Emma Roberts

Growing the world’s best Merino wool is a family tradition for many Australian woolgrowers. The Roberts family highlight why there’s no place like home.


The Makers: Jason Murray

Shearing sheep is an important part of the wool-growing process and ensures for healthy, happy sheep. Jason offers unique insights into shearing.

Shleep X Lane Crawford

Shleep can now be found in Lane Crawford, providing luxury sleeping solutions made form wool to give the perfect night’s sleep.

Natural inspiration behind Shleep

With a passion for nature instilled in her from a young age, Shleep founder Indi Maini attributes this admiration of Mother Nature to her father Dr Jagmohan Maini.

How to get better sleep

How to get better sleep

Did you know sleeping on or under wool can help you fall sleep faster, giving a better night’s sleep.