Question Is getting enough good sleep really that important to my health and well-being?
AnswerWhen you get high level of quality and quantity of sleep at night, it has a direct net positive effect on your physical, mental and emotional health, your acuity and retention of knowledge, your strength, creativity, alertness and optimism. That’s why we think of ourselves as less of a bedding and sleepwear company and more of a health and happiness brand.
Question How does Shleep help me get more of the best sleep?
AnswerOur products’ naturally luxurious, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, breathable, moisture-removing material has been proven to get you to sustained deep sleep 25% faster and more effectively than anything else.
Question I have a shleep underlay and a cotton quilt. Is that ideal?
AnswerWe certainly think that some Shleep is better than no Shleep, but you’ll really only get the full effect of thermal and temperature regulation if you’re surrounded—top, bottom and all around—by our fine Merino-based products.
Question Is all wool itchy and hot?
AnswerNot at all. It’s true that low quality wool—that with a high micron count—can feel very itchy if its misused to make sleepwear, bedding or any kind of clothing. It’s great for rugs, but not for anything that touches the skin. We use incredibly fine Australian merino wool, which is as luxuriously soft as anything. And it’s super breathable and durable too.
Question What’s a micron?
AnswerMicron is a measurement of a wool fiber’s thinness. The smaller the number, the finer the fiber. The finer the fiber, the softer the fabric. Rugs measure in at around 25 micron or more. Merino wool is about 20 micron. We are the only bedding and sleepwear brand to use Australian merino, which can uniquely dip below 19 micron.
Question How are Shleep products made?
AnswerEverything starts at the source with Australian merino wool. Our Head of Design, Jonathan Ward selects from any of our pure merino material or proprietary blends to create a beautiful prototype, and then we oversee our partners in Korea, China, Prague and Italy to manufacture them for your use.
Question Is my favorite Shleep product eco-friendly?
AnswerAll wool is a renewable resource, grown forever by sheep as their coat, and biodegradable when it’s outlived its use. Shleep products are so durable and beautiful, though, that you’ll never want to discard anything. And you won’t need to either.
Question What’s coming next from Shleep?
AnswerWe’re constantly innovating in materiality and product and release new Shleep offerings with regularity. Contact us or Click here to keep in touch with us, so you can keep tabs on what’s next in brand promotions, products and content first.
Question What should I do to remove a stain without washing my entire Shleep item?
AnswerTo remove the nastiest stains, just mix one teaspoon of wool detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water and spot clean sparingly.