The Shleep Adaptable Summer Duvet

The first of its kind base layer of a system to keep you perfectly comfortable all year, all weather long. Wool is the perfect fiber to make the perfect fabric to keep you comfortable at night anywhere, in any weather.

You just need less when it’s warm and more when it’s cold to keep you sleeping soundly. So we created the Shleep Adaptable Summer Duvet to let you start with a light layer and add as the colder months come. The high quality cotton Percale base layer features 170 GSM Downs wool batting on the body side to give you all the sleep benefits of wool with just the finest lined layer so it’s suitable for the Spring and Summer months. We also designed our duvet with a three-sided zipper feature so that you can very easily insert your duvet or for the ultimate thermal comfort experience, our Middleweight and/or Heavy Duty Duvets, as needed. Plus we added inside ties to keep your new warmer duvet consistently tidy and constantly snuggly.




King – W 245cm x L 210cm, Queen – W 210cm x L 210cm


Inner Lining: 170 GSM Australian Downs wool lining
Outer Shell: Percale cotton
Two zipper heads with zipper wrapping around 2 sides for easy insert of Shleep Middleweight and/or Heavy Duty Weight duvets
Inside ties to secure duvets in place
Woolmark certified

Skin-smilingly soft, lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Super absorbent to keep you dry and comfy.

Regulates optimal body temperature, no matter the weather.

100% Natural and biodegradable.

Fabric handmade better from nature’s best sleep source.

Resistant to stains and odor, and naturally protects from UV rays and fire.


Air outdoors to retain freshness
Warm machine wash on wool cycle
Do not bleach
Do not twist
Air dry or tumble dry on low heat
Dry cleanable


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King – W 245cm x L 210cm, Queen – W 210cm x L 210cm

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