Why Merino masks?

Our Shleep Merino Face Mask is a protective cloth mask made from luxuriously soft, naturally breathable superfine Merino wool using Shleep’s exclusive Merino Jersey fabric.

Using the right mix of comfort, stretch and durability, the Shleep Merino Face Mask provides a barrier to your face for your daily commute.

Shleep Merino Facemask

Why Merino wool?

Merino wool fibres are naturally breathable, absorbing large quantities of moisture vapour which is then evaporated to keep your face dry and comfortable. Featuring a naturally protective outer-layer, the Shleep Merino Face Mask acts like a second skin and its soft-to-touch and lightweight handle make for the ultimate in mask comfort.

Can I get a cheaper alternative?

As widespread use of non-medical masks become common practice, it’s timely to consider the softness and comfort of wearing superfine Merino wool, with science proving Merino wool not an allergen.

Shleep Facemask attributes

Can I reuse the Sheep Merino Mask?

Yes! While many face masks are designed for single-use wear, the Shleep Merino Face Mask will be with you as you navigate this new Normal. COVID-19 has brought increasing interest in cleaning and disinfecting masks so they can be resused.

Our wool masks can be machine or hand washed in warm water (no hotter than 40°C) with wool detergent and dried in sunlight. Merino wool is naturally quick-drying so your Shleep mask will be ready for wear the next day.

Is a disposable mask better?

Single-use items are destined for the world’s overflowing landfills and have a detrimental impact on environmental health. By choosing Merino wool, as 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre you reducing your footprint. Additionally, Merino wool does not contribute to microplastic pollution, with fibres 100% biodegradable in the ocean too.

Shleep Facemask care